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The Art of Being Human provides the opportunity to relate and celebrate the oneness of the human race!

The Encyclopedia of Emotions Project

Submit your definitions and stories of your experiences here, joining in the global dialogue of the human experience.


Share your experience for the Emotional Encyclopedia Project.
Submit a short video that:

  • Shares your experience of what it feels like to have a certain emotion. 
    • What's it like to feel excited, happy, sad, depressed, exhilarated, frustrated, loved, honored, free, joyful, etc.


  • retells your short story of an experience you had that evoked an emotion 
    • if you were angry, was it the first time you got beat up? 
    • if you were happy, was it when you fell in love? 
    • if you were sad, was it when you lost someone?

*Videos should be shot in a neutral, well lit, quiet environment for the clearest audio and video quality.

Video submissions will be shown individually as the encyclopedia grows and maybe compiled for ensuing Encyclopedia of Emotions exhibits and projects. 


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